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General Reference Department
Jersey City Free Public Library
Reference Services
Main Library
472 Jersey Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07302

1. General Reference Department
2nd floor
Fax: 201-547-4584

Monday-Thursday 9am-8pm
Friday 9am-6pm
Saturday 9am-5pm

Monday-Thursday 9am-8pm
Friday 9am-5pm
Saturday 10am-2pm

2. Government Documents
1st floor
Fax: 201-547-4584

Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm

3. New Jersey Room
3rd floor
Fax: 201-547-4584

Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm



[Bergen] Record [for NJ business news]
Investor's Business Daily
Jersey Journal [for local business news]
Journal of Commerce
New York Times
Star Ledger [for NJ business news]
Wall Street Journal
Washington Post [Sunday edition only]


Business Week
Crain's New York Business
The Economist
Financial World




Black Enterprise
Hispanic Business
Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine
Nation's Business [US Chamber of Commerce]


MBE: Minority Business Entrepreneur
Washington Report for Middle East Affairs


Advertising Age
Aviation Week & Space Technology
Broadcasting & Cable
HR (Human Resources) Focus
HR (Human Resources) Magazine
Public Management
Today's Realtor


PC Computing
PC Magazine
PC Novice
PC Today
PC World


Business and Society Review
Business Horizons
Foreign Affairs
Foreign Policy
Harvard Business Review
Journal of Accountancy
Journal of Business
Journal of Consumer Research
Journal of Finance
Journal of Housing and Community Development
Journal of Small Business Management
Middle East Journal
Personnel Psychology
Supervision; the Magazine of Industrial Relations and Operating Management
Transportation Journal
World Politics

Books of Business Interest


Title Call #
Banking Terminology [American Banking Assn] R332.1 Bank
Barron's Dictionary of Business Terms R650 FriJ
Barron's Guide to Tax Terms R336.2 CruD
Dictionary of Advertising R659.103 Dict
Dictionary of Economics R330.3 ShiJ
Dictionary of Occupational Titles-[US Dept of Labor] R331.7 Dict
Dun & Bradstreet Exporters' Encyclopedia R387 Ex7
Encyclopedia of Associations R061.3 G13E
Encyclopedia of Banking and Finance-[Munn/Garcia] R332.03 M5
Encyclopedia of Business Information Sources R016.33 Ency
Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance R331.702 Ency
Encyclopedia of International Commerce R382.03 Milw
Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Securities Industry R332.63 PesA
International Dictionary of Business R658.003 JohH
Mutual Fund Encyclopedia R332.63 Perg
The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics R330 New
Portable MBA Desk Reference R650 Port
Prentice Hall Encyclopedic Dictionary of Business Terms R650.03 CroW
SIC [Standard Industrial Classification] Manual R338.021 Stan
Thorndike Encyclopedia of Banking & Financial Tables R332.I T39T2

Title Call #
American Business Directory R381 Amer
American Wholesalers and Distributors Directory R381.2 Amer
Blue Book: Building and Construction; New York R690.5 MacR
Brands and Their Companies R658.827 Bran
Business Rankings Annual [Brooklyn Public Library, 1993] R338.74 Busi
Congressional Staff Directory R328.73 Cong
Consultants and Consulting Organizations Directory R658.46 Cons
Corporate 500: Directory of Corporate Philanthropy R361.765 Corp
Direct Marketing Market Place R381 Dire
Directories in Print R016.65 Dire
Directory of American Firms Operating in Foreign Countries R338.8 Dire
Directory of Executive Recruiters R331.7 Dire
Directory of Foreign Manufacturers in the United States R338.767 ArpJ
Directory of Franchising Organizations R658.87D
Directory of Mutual Funds R332.63 Inve
Directory of US Exporters R382.6 Dire
Directory of US Importers R382.6 Dire
D&B's Million Dollar Directory R338 D
D&B's Business Rankings R338.7 Duns
Dun & Bradstreet's Employment Opportunities Directory R331.12 Duns
Fairchild's Retail Stores Financial Directory R658.87 Fair
Foundation Directory R061 F823
Foundation Grants Index R061 F823G
Gale Directory of Publications and Broadcast Media R050 Gale
Gebbie Press Directory R301.16 G26A
Hoover's Human Resources Executives R338.7 Hoov
International Directory of Company Histories R338.7 Inte
International Directory of Little Magazines & Small Presses R051 I
MacRAE's Blue Book R670 MacR
Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory R340 Mart
National Minority Business Directory R338.002 N
O'Dwyer's Directory of Public Relations Firms R338.7 O'Dw
New Jersey Manufacturers Directory R917.49 Nine
Polk North American Financial Institutions Directory R332 Polk
Standard & Poor's Register not in original
Standard Directory of Advertisers R659.1 St22
Standard Directory of Advertising Agencies R659.1 St2
State Leadership Directory R353.9 Stat
Thomas Register of American Manufacturers
Trademark Register of the United States R608.7 T67
US Importers & Exporters Directory R382 Unit
US Real Estate Register R333 Unit
Ward's Directory: Manufacturing USA R338.47 Manu
Ward's Directory: Service Industries USA R338.74 Serv
Washington Information Directory [Congressional Quarterly] R975.3 W272
Who Owns Whom R332.673 Who
Who's Who in Finance and Industry R923.8 W62
World Chamber of Commerce Directory R380.06 W


Almanac of American Politics R328.73 A
Almanac of the 50 States R 317.3 Alma
Government Assistance Almanac R353 DumJ
The Information Please Almanac R310 Info
Insurance Almanac: Annual of Insurance Facts R368 Insu
Information Please Business Almanac and Desk Reference R658 Nine
World Almanac R310 Worl
World Almanac of US Politics R320.973 Worl


Book of the States R328 B64
CRB Commodity Yearbook R338 C732
Facts about the Cities R307.76 Cara
Hoover's Guide to Computer Companies R338.7 Hoov
Hoover's Guide to the Top New York Companies R338.7 Hoov
Hoover's Handbook of American Business R338.7 Hoov
Hoover's Handbook of Emerging Companies R338 Hoov
Hoover's Handbook of World Business R338.74 Hoov
Hoover's Masterlist of Major US Companies R338.7 Hoov
Hoover's Profiles of America's Largest Business Enterprises R338.7 Hoov
Macmillan Small Business Handbook R658.022 Stem
New Jersey Legislative Manual R328.73 N46
Political Handbook of the World R329 C83Po
Standard & Poor's Statistical Service:
Banking & Finance/Current Statistics R330.973 St2S
Statesman's Yearbook R310 K29
Statistical Abstract of the United States R317.3 Un3
Statistical Handbook on Women in America R305.4 Stat
US Government Manual R353 Unit


Internet Business book R650.028 Euj
Moody's Manuals R338.7 Mood
Bank and Finance
Municipal and Government
OTC Industrial
OTC Unlisted
Public Utilities
Standard and Poor's Corporation Records R332.63 ST2S
Standard and Poor's Industry Surveys
United States Code Annotated R345.21 Un3


Directory of Mutual Funds R332.63 Inve
Dow Jones-Irwin Guide to Interest R332.82 R
Individual Investor's Guide to Low-Load Mutual Funds R332.632 Indi
Investnet Insiders' Chronicle; Summary of Insider Transactions
Moody's Annual Dividend Record
Moody's Bonds Record
Moody's Handbook of Common Stocks
Moody's Handbook of Dividend Achievers
Moody's Industry Review
Moody's Unit Investment Trusts Annual Payment Record
Morningstar. Mutual Funds
Mutual Fund Encyclopedia R332.63 Perg
Standard & Poor's Dividend Record (annual, monthly, daily)
Standard & Poor's Bond Guide
Standard & Poor's Stock Guide
Standard & Poor's Stock Reports:
NYSE, ASE, NASDAQ & Regional
Standard & Poor's. The Outlook; Equity Information
Trendline: Daily Action Stock Charts
United & Babson Investment Report
Valueline; Standard and Expanded Editions
Wiesenberger Investment Companies Service R332.6 N632I


American Wholesalers and Distributors Directory R381.2 Amer
Barron's Dictionary of Business Terms R650 FriJ
Business Forms on File R651 Busi
Business Information Desk Reference R016.33 Fre
Directory of Franchising Organizations R658.87D
Dun & Bradstreet's Exporter's Encyclopedia R387 Ex7
Encyclopedia of Franchises and Franchising R381.13 Fos
Franchising in Business: A Guide to Information Sources R016.65 Hel
Government Assistance Almanac R353 DumJ
Government Giveaways for Entrepreneurs R658.15 Les
How to Set Up Your Small Business R658.002 Fa
Information Please Business Almanac and Desk Reference R658 Nine
Law for the Small Business Owner R346.73 Jas
Macmillan Small Business Handbook R658.022 Ste
National Minority Business Directory R338.002 N
Prentice Hall Encyclopedia of Business Terms R650.03 Cro
Small Business Profiles R650.022 Sm
Small Business Information Handbook
Small Business Sourcebook R658.002 Sm


Federal Jobs Digest
National Business Employment Weekly


Corporate Yellow Book R338.74 Cor
Dictionary of Occupational Titles R331.7 Dict
Dun & Bradstreet's Million Dollar Directory R338 D
Dun & Bradstreet's Employment Opportunities Directory R331.12 Dun
Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance R331.702 En
Hoover's Guide to Computer Companies R338.7 Hoo
Hoover's Guide to Top New York Companies R338.7 Hoo
Hoover's Handbook of American Business R338.7 Hoo
Hoover's Handbook of World Business R338.74 Hoo
Hoover's Handbook of Emerging Companies R338 Hoo
Hoover's Human Resources R338.7 Hoo
Hoover's Major US Companies R338.7 Hoo
Hoover's Profiles of America's Largest Business Enterprises R338.7 Hoo
International Directory of Company Histories R338.7 Inte
Job Hunters' Source Book R331.128 Job
National Minority Business Directory R338.002 N
Occupational Outlook Handbook R331.7 Occu


Consumer Digest
Consumer Guide
Consumer Reports


American Business Disk
Database of over 10 million public and private US companies. Provides information on address; type of business and number of employees.


Provides historical financial information on public companies with annual revenues of over one million dollars. Data based on SEC filings; Annual Reports, 10Ks and 10Qs. Includes ; annual sales volume; name and gender of key executives; franchise/brand information; HQ; branch and subsidiaries; credit rating.

Indexes over 1200 magazines and newspapers. The range of sources is broad and thus not limited to a specific field, although many business oriented publications are covered. Provides abstracts of all indexed articles and full text is available for many. Coverage starts in 1990.

An index and full-text database of over 1500 magazines and newspapers. Like ProQuest, the range of sources is broad and includes many business oriented publications.


Business America: Magazine of International Trade
Compensation and Working Conditions
Consumer Price Index [CPI] Detailed Report
Economic Indicators
Employment and Earnings
Federal Labor-Management and Employee Relations Consultant
Monthly Labor Review
Occupational Outlook Quarterly
Producer Price Index [PRI] Detailed Report
Social Security Bulletin
Survey of Current Business


Agriculture, Trade, and Environment; Achieving Complementary Policies
Budget of the United States Government
Building the American Dream for the 21st Century
Code of Federal Regulations
Competing to Win in a Global Economy
Congressional Record
County and City Data Book
Destination Japan: a Business Guide for the 90s
Economic Report of the President
Environmental Technologies Export Market Plan: Chile and Argentina
Environmental Technologies Export Market Plan: Mexico
Export Trading Company Guidebook
Federal Register
Federal Regulatory Directory
Foreign Regulations Affecting US Textile and Apparel Exports
GATT Uruguay Round Agreements: Report on Environmental Issues
Global Communications: Opportunities for Trade and Aid
Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the US Annotated for Statistical Reporting Purposes
International Business Practices
Metropolitan Area Exports: an Export Performance Report on Over 250 US Cities
Multinationals and the US Technology Base. Final Report of the Multinationals Project
NAFTA: Expanding US Exports, Jobs, Growth
North American Free Trade Agreement between the Government of the United States of America, the Government of Canada, and the Government of the United Mexican States North American Free Trade Agreement , Annex 302.2
Schedule of Canada, 1993
Schedule of Mexico, 1993
Schedule of the United States, 1993


Schedule B: Statistical Classification of Domestic and Foreign Commodities Exported from the United States
State and Metropolitan Area Data Book
Statistical Abstract of the United States
United States Code
United States Direct Investment Abroad: Benchmark Survey, Final Results
United States Foreign Trade Highlights
United States Global Trade Outlook, 1995-2000: Toward the 21st Century
United States Government Manual


Choosing the Right Training Program: a Guide Book for Small Businesses
Directory of Small Businesses Environmental Remediation Services
Employee Benefits in Small Private Establishments
Exporters' Guide to Federal Resources for Small Business
Firms in the 8(a) Business Development Program
Foundation for a New Century: a Report to the President and Congress
Franchise Opportunities Handbook
Guide to Doing Business with the Department of State
Handbook of Small Business Data
Minority Small Business and Capital Ownership Development Program; 2 vols.
Procurement Opportunities: a Small Business Guide to Procurement Reform
Selling to the Military
Small Business Management Training Instructor's Guides- [partial listing]

Small Business Specialists to Assist Small Business, Small Disadvantaged, Women-Owned Small Businesses, and Labor Surplus Area Business Firm
State of Small Business: a Report of the President
States and Small Business: a Directory of Programs and Activities
Third Millennium: Small Business and Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century; a Special Publication Prepared for Delegates to the 1995 White House Conference on Small Business

National Trade Data Bank A source of the most current and reliable international trade information published by the US Department of Commerce.

The Government Documents Room is rapidly expanding the number of statistical sources from the Federal Government available on CD-ROM. For the current inventory and availability of CD-ROM products in this department, consult the Documents librarian directly at 201 547-4517

New Jersey Room New Jersey Related

Business News New Jersey [weekly]
New Jersey Economic Indicators [monthly]
Mercer Business [monthly]
New Jersey Business [monthly]
see also Daily Press above for NJ newspapers

Blue Book: Building and Construction; New Jersey
Book of Lists [Business News New Jersey]
Corfacts New Jersey Business to Business Directory NJ 338.097 Conf
Corfacts New Jersey Directory of Small Businesses NJ 338.642 New J
Dun & Bradstreet's Microcosm Business Directory of Hudson County (MICROFICHE) N 338.7 MicJ
Dun's Regional Business Directory; North Jersey NJ 338.74 Duns
Market Fact Book [Business News New Jersey]
Mitchell Guide; Foundations and Their Managers: NJ NJ 361.7 Mitc
New Jersey Business Directory NJ 338.002 New J
New Jersey Business Source Book NJ 658.002 New J
New Jersey Foundations and Other Funding Sources [State Docs-NJ State Library]
New Jersey Labor Unions NJ 658.002 NewJ
New Jersey Manufacturers Directory NJ 917.49 Nine
New Jersey Media Guide NJ 070.025 NewJ
New Jersey Private Companies NJ 338.097 New J
New Jersey Public Companies NJ 338.749 New J
North Jersey Regional Industrial Buying Guide


New Jersey Statutes Annotated N345.22 NewJ
New Jersey Administrative Code
Annual reports of the 50 largest companies in NJ

Big Instruction Book of Small Businesses for
New Jersey Entrepreneurs NJ 658.022 Ma
How to Start a Small Business in the State of New Jersey NJ 658.022 No
New Jersey Business Kit for Starting and Existing Businesses NJ 346.749 Bar
New Jersey Employment Law NJ 344.01 AliR
Starting and Managing a Small Business in New Jersey [SCORE] NJ658.1 Star
Starting and Operating a Business in New Jersey NJ 658.022 Jen


Guide to Labor Demand Occupations in New Jersey
Future Work: a Guide to Occupational Education and Job Training Programs in New Jersey
Law Enforcement Career Guide: New Jersey
New Jersey Licensed Occupations
New Jersey Occupational Outlook Handbook
New York and New Jersey Job Seekers Sourcebook

Online Sources

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