The Life and Times of Frank Hague
Narrated by Malachy McCourt

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The Life and Times of Frank Hague is a look at 30 years of local and political history in Jersey City, New Jersey, from 1917 to 1947, seen through the career of it's mayor. Viewed by some as a hero and seen as a scoundrel—"a dictator American style" by others, Frank Hague's tale is of one of rough and tumble politics, of a time before media packaged candidates.

The Online RealAudio of Frank Hague's story is told in six parts:

  1. The Organization.

  2. The Reformer.

  3. Inner Workings of the Organization.

  4. The Power Broker - The Depression Era.

  5. Hague vs. the CIO.

  6. Out of Touch, Out of Power.

He was the mayor of Jersey City, New Jersey, for thirty years. .. 1917 to 1947 – A working-class hero, a Progressive reformer, a “dictator-American style” – in high collar and spats, he was the ultimate Irish political boss. He could put a turkey on your Thanksgiving table, your brother-in-law on the police force, and your vote in FDR’s column. He could also put his hand in your pocket. ... It is a tale of an America that no longer exits – a time of rough and tumble politics – the days before media packaged candidates – when a street kid could rise from the slums to walk the halls of power.

2001. A co-production of the New Jersey Historical Commission and NJN Public Radio, written and produced by David Steven Cohen and Marty Goldensohn

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