Jersey City's Mayor Hague: Last of the Bosses, Not First Of The Dictators
Amid cries of "Communist" and "Fascist" he and the C.I.O are fighting it out

By Jack Alexander

Originally appeared in Life on February 7, 1938
Photographs by Margaret Bourke-White
Edited by GET NJ, COPYRIGHT 2004

More About Jersey City Mayor Frank Hague

A patriotic rally of imposing proportions is something which Mayor Hague can produce at will, since Jersey City civic bodies do not lightly ignore a "Message from the Mayor's Office" requesting their presence. When President Roosevelt visited Jersey City on a campaign swing in 1936, Hague turned out 150,000 adults and school children to greet him. The picture shows a rally Hague staged on Jan. 6 to defy the C.I.O. Amid fireworks, flags, and banners, some 15,000 citizens trooped into the city armory to hear the Mayor shout that: "All the forces arrayed against me is animated by the Communists."

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