Gets St. Peter’s Honorary Degree
More Demonstrations Ahead, Dr. King Says


The Jersey Journal
Thursday, September 23, 1965

King repeated his pleas for international brotherhood and called upon men to create this brotherhood or “perish as fools together.” He said that modern technological advances have made a neighborhood of the world.

The civil rights leader outlined some means to fulfill the “American Dream.”

“We must affirm the essential immorality of racial segregation, get rid of the notion that there are superior and inferior races, and develop massive action programs. . .

“We have crossed the Red Sea (in the civil rights struggle) but we must cross mountains of resistance before we reach the Promised Land,” he added.

Noting that progress has been made in the area of civil rights, King said that racial injustice still exists and must be rooted out. He urged that all men have jobs with a $2 minimum hourly wage. He disagreed with critics who claim legislation will not bring about racial rapport.

“The law many not be able to make a man love me, but it can stop him from lynching me, and I’m for that,” he added.

King said that laws will change the habits of men, and once these change, attitudes will change and a change of heart also will follow.

He made the announcements about the demonstrations and the pilot project for Chicago during a brief press conference after his 45-minute speech. He said 10 staff workers have been sent to Chicago and more will follow to launch programs in the areas of housing, education and employment.

In answer to a question, King said he does not pretend to be an expert on foreign policy and has made statements calling for a settlement of the war in Viet Nam because of “conscience.”

“You do not have to be an expert to comment on matters of life and death,” he said.

He also reaffirmed his stand in favor of admitting Communist China into the United Nations to ease tensions.

During the Michaelmas Convocation which marks the beginning of the academic year, honors were awarded to the students and faculty, including the Bene Merenti Medal for distinguished service to Francis J. McAnanly, C.P.A., and posthumously to Dr. Thomas A. Dodd of the chemistry department.

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